Update... It was all successfull!!

So far, it looks like the Bone marrow transplant was very successful. It was a long haul, and there were times Jon experienced some feverish symptoms while in the neutropenic stage. He had some lower abdominal discomfort, and what seemed to be just exhaustion all the time. He had some rashes, like on is back, and he slept a lot..but this could be for lots of reasons, and we couldn't have asked for it to go better than it did. For having one's immune system taken down to zero... literally, I could not believe how well he did. He got to come home as soon as could be expected.

I am so thankful, and the loss of weight, strength and hair loss, etc is short term. The long term pay offs will be greater, and hopefully there will be no longer lasting side effects. It hopefully really whipped all those cancer cells that may have been lurking.

Read more below to know what he went through, its pretty interesting.

Brain Tumors gone...