Years Later, Still Going Strong After Transplant!

After my father's bone marrow transplant, he is still going very strong.  He is a strong person actually on his own, and pushes himself very much.  I am so proud of him for continuing to work so hard every day, all day long.  I think he couldn't stand to be bored.

It is very interesting to consider the whole bone marrow transplant at this much later date.  You can never how things are going to go long term, but we couldn't have asked for more.  Those were some mean brain tumors he had.  They were growing at an awful rate, and were inoperable.

So thankful for the doctors and staff and educators surrounding the whole time frame from start to finish.  The bone marrow transplant is something we don't regret, as scary as it was during the process.  Very thankful he got it done.  I hope it is an encouragement to someone else out there. 

Regarding germs and bugs, guess who is not getting sick with multiple colds while the rest of us are?  My dad!  His immune system really is seeming to go great.  We don't live with he and my mother, but we have seen them a few times when one of us has been sick.  He still hasn't caught it!  Thank you to those out there doing the research and improving on ways to help people fighting the biggest battles of their lives, for their lives.  It means more than you know.  Thank you to God for answering our prayers whether through his healing touch, and or through the doctors and care.  We love and appreciate it all!